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Satake USA, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Satake Corporation of Japan. Its Vision Systems Operation designs, manufactures and services sophisticated optical sorters for a range of food products.

Satake is the industry leader in optical sorting and cereal, grain and rice processing. Satake USA also offers world-class custom design services to help your business grow and succeed.

Satake USA Vision Systems Rice and Cereal Processing Satake Vision Systems Optical Sorters Cereal and Grains Processing Rice Processing

Satake USA Vision Systems products use electronic color and shape sorting to increase the quality of food products to meet the continuously increasing demand of today's consumer. The optical sorters were designed to improve the quality of such products as: seeds, beans, tree-nuts, peanuts, soybeans, sunflowers, rice and cereal.

Satake has pioneered the use of optical sorters in many areas of seed conditioning. Our color sorters inspect each seed and remove damage, decay, immature, cross-contamination, and foreign material. With Satake optical sorters installed, conditioners can provide the highest possible quality seed to the end user while minimizing yield losses.

Satake vision system machines are currently sorting flake, regrind and pellets with great success to increase value within the plastic industry.
• Pellets - New high-resolution capability, removal of speck damage down to 0.1 mm. (Also, removes off-color and cross contamination defects.)
• Regrind - Removal of unwanted colors to produce clean, uniform product.
• PET - Removal of colored flakes from clear PET.
• HDPE - Removal of colored flakes from natural.
• PVC - Removal of PVC and other contaminants from PET.

Satake is a global company with many locations around the world.

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Mission Statement - Satake USA

It is the intent of Satake USA to develop and manufacture the world's finest products for our customers; to serve our customers in the best possible manner; to contribute to the cultural advancement of society; and to see that the Company and its employees prosper mutually and maintain a harmonious relationship.


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