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Coffee Sorting: Inspection and Quality Solutions

Coffee is the second most sought world commodity, behind only oil. Yet well ahead of natural gas, gold, sugar, and corn. 90 percent of the world's coffee production takes place in developing countries, and the top three producing countries are Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia.

With this type of market demand and consumption, precision agricultural machines (such as optical sorters) play a critical role in the processing of Arabica and robusta green coffee beans. From removing discolored beans and insect damage - to cleaning out foreign material such as sticks, rocks, and glass - optical sorters are a final check in the production process to assure the highest quality beans.

"Satake has been involved in the green coffee sorting and processing industry for decades. It is one of the most respected and well-recognized brands in coffee-producing countries from the Americas to Asia."

Satake has been leading the charge to bring awareness to roasted bean quality and inspection as well, by providing quality control solutions to roasters in the Americas and Asia. The Satake FMS2000 compact and cost-effective color sorter has helped lead this revolution. Customers are demanding the highest quality product, thus specialty and craft coffee is becoming more stringent in testing processes. There are bean imperfections that occur after the roast which may not be seen during the initial raw bean processing and sort.

In some instances, as seen on the PDF flyer to the right, cafe's are putting the FMS2000 compact sorter behind the counter and sorting roasted beans in real time for customers to help assure they are receiving high quality, consistent beans safe from foreign material.

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Coffee Sorter and Coffee Bean Sorting - Satake

Satake offers a wide range of sorting machines to meet every challenge and capacity. Incoming capacity ranges from small specialty mills, sorting hundreds of pounds per hour, to full scale production sorting tons of beans per hour. Satake listens to the customer's requirements and challenges, and then helps match them with the most effective sorting machine(s).

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Satake is ready to run a demo on your sample product. Fill out our Sort Test Request Form and someone will be in contact with you soon. Or better, stop by a local Satake Testing Facility to see first-hand the Satake Difference.

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FMS2000 Roasted Coffee Flyer

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Satake EVOLUTION Coffee Sorting Machine


The EVOLUTION® is the industry standard for high capacity, precision optical coffee bean sorting. It's able to detect the slightest color-shade differences similar to the human eye. Learn more »

Satake PIKASEN FMS2000 Coffee Sorting Machine


Compact and affordable, the PIKASEN FMS2000 is the ideal sorter for the small specialty mill or the coffee roaster. Can also be used in a testing or lab environment. Learn more »

Satake RNEZS Coffee Sorting Machine


The Satake RNEZS "EZ platform" is a high capacity (models 2500/4500/6500), cost-effective optical sorting technology with real-time sampling and secondary and tertiary re-sort capability. Learn more »

Satake FMS2000 Sorting Green and Roasted Coffee Beans

Video that focuses on the Satake FMS2000 and it's sorting capability on both green (Arabica and robusta) and roasted coffee beans.

Satake EVOLUTION Green Coffee Overview Trailer

The following video provides a quick overview of the Satake EVOLUTION optical sorter and references green coffee sorting technology.

Satake RNEZS Green Coffee Sorting Demo

Quick video demo of the RNEZS machine sorting green coffee with real time sample analysis and quick defect inspection.

Satake FMS2000 Sorting Mixed Green from Roasted

Quick video from production environment where a small batch of green coffee beans were accidentally mixed with roasted beans.


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