Vision Systems: Our History.

1931 ► Incorporation of "Electric Sorting Machine Company" in Lowell, Michigan.
1932 ► Installation of machines for commercial sorting of Michigan beans. The world's first color sorters.
1934 ► Development of automatic equipment for sorting of blanched peanuts.
1935 ► First successful installation of automatic sorting machines in the blanched Virginia peanut industry.
1937 ► Developed a sorting machine based on a two-color principle of selection.
1940 ► Installed first bowl feed sorting machine.
1941 ► First successful installation of two color sorting machine for Idaho peas.
1947 ► Installed two color sorting machine for green coffee beans in Colombia, South America.
1952 ► Introduced color sorting machine for green coffee into South Africa.
1953 ► Introduced gravity feed machines for the sorting of lemons, apples and other similar products.
1956 ► Changed name to Mandrel Industries Inc. and started expansion and diversion program. Entered field of geophysical instrumentation by acquisition of ElectroTechnical Labs, Inc., Houston. Company relocated to Houston, Texas.
1957 ► Formed ELEXSO Corporation to sell sorting machines overseas.
1960 ► Electric Sorting Machines (ESM) tested a harvester-mounted color sorter for tomatoes, but it wasn't until the early 1970's when price of tomatoes skyrocketed that we began selling harvester-mounted color sorters.
1964 ► Became a subsidiary of the Ampex Corporation, a diversified oil field equipment/service company.
1970 ► Geosource purchased "ESM" from Ampex. Introduced the MEGASORT line of multi-channel slide machines. Installed hundreds of machines into the peanut and rice industry.
1978 ► Shipped more than 100 MEGASORTS 38-channel. Also developed the GB line of bichromatic machines making an instant impact on Central American coffee industry.
1980 ► 3 Vision Systems product line became the successor to the GB line and continued to find success in the peanut and coffee industry.
1984 ► ESM was acquired by ODISTA, which was led by Pat Childress.
1986 ► Introduction of Shell-ex, the first sorter to use infrared technology which revolutionized the pecan, almond and walnut industries.
1992 ► ESM was purchased by the Satake Corporation.
1993 ► Introduced the ScanMaster, the first high volume, high-resolution CCD camera, and broad slide color sorter.
1995 ► Expanded the ScanMaster line with the introduction of an infrared version and a range of sizes.
1996 ► Introduced the GridMaster length/shape sorter.
1997 ► Introduced the ColorMaster Belt Sorter in both visible and IR versions.
1999 ► Introduced the SeedScan, seed maturity laser sorter based on chlorophyll fluorescence. Introduced the ScanMaster II, expanding the operator interface and communication capabilities of the ScanMaster product line.
2000 ► Expanded the ScanMaster product line with the introduction of a UV sorter.
2001 ► Introduced the ScanMaster Jumbo, capable of running large products such as macadamia nuts, in-shell almonds, large pecan halves, among others.
2002 ► Introduced the PelletScan, a high resolution optical sorter specially designed for plastic pellets.
2006 ► Satake USA moved to a new 64,000 sq ft larger purpose built factory in Stafford, TX.
2007 ► Introduced the AlphaScan, a compact, low cost, high capacity color sorting machine.
2010 ► Introduced the Evolution RGB, a full color sorting machine that uses 16 million colors, high-resolution cameras and long lasting LED lighting.
2012 ► Introduced the Plastic Pellet sorter PCS 600 BFD, with much greater optical resolution than the previous model.
2013 ► Satake USA's Western Operations moved to a new facility in Modesto, CA.
2014 ► Introduced the cost-effective, compact and portable PIKASEN Alpha FMS-2000 full color sorter.
2015 ► Satake USA moved the Corporate Headquarters to a new 130,000 sq ft office and warehouse facility in Stafford, Texas USA.
2015 ► Introduction of the highly affordable, high capacity optical sorter line the REZS. Model sizes 2500, 4500 and 6500 ideal for pulses, rice and other similar grain types.
2015 ► The Satake EVOLUTION MIR multi-wavelength sorter is launched in North America. Ideal for removing foreign material.
2016 ► Introduced the enhanced PIKASEN Alpha FMS-2000 "Feeder" version that has a vibratory feeder system and also sorts by size and shape.
2016 ► The North America release of the new Satake belt sorter, the BELTUZA with sanitary stainless body construction and 650mm wide belt.


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It is the intent of Satake USA to develop and manufacture the world's finest products for our customers; to serve our customers in the best possible manner; to contribute to the cultural advancement of society; and to see that the Company and its employees prosper mutually and maintain a harmonious relationship.


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