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    Optical Color Sorting Machine List

Evolution RGB- Full Color Gravity Feed Sorter-- The Evolution RGB is a high capacity chute feed sorter that utilizes full color camera technology to detect even slight color differences. This optical sorter sees products in a manner very similar to the human eye and can be easily set to remove specific defects based on variations in color. More>          


                                                                                                                                          ScanMaster High Resolution, High Capacity Sorter IE, DE & SE (Food/Natural Product Applications)
The ScanMaster was the first joint American/Japanese sorting machine introduced after the acquisition of ESM by the Satake Corporation. The arrival of the ScanMaster revolutionized the industry of color sorting and it can be said that virtually any product that ranges from the size of a mustard seed up to, and including, whole almonds can be sorted on a version of the ScanMaster.

The ScanMaster is available in Monochromatic and Bichromatic configurations, with independent front and back views to give an accuracy never achieved before. The ScanMaster can be supplied with 10, 20, 40 or 80 channels plus resort which may be included in models of 20 or more channels.

One of the most notable recent innovations in the ScanMaster line is the use of infrared and color combined detector elements, which enable the ScanMaster to inspect food for "undetectable" foreign material, such as clear glass and color simultaneously. Newly introduced is the SE model, uniquely capable of Ultra Violet sorting.

ScanMaster IE - Monochromatic Visible

ScanMaster DE - Bichromatic Visible & Infra-Red

ScanMaster SE  Monochromatic Ultra Violet

ScanMaster IE & XE High Resolution, High Capacity Sorter (Plastics Applications)
The new ScanMaster IE & DE are widely used on the sorting of virgin plastic pellets, or NHDPE and PET materials in recycling applications. The compact "footprint" of the ScanMaster makes the unit easy to install in a "system" that incorporates resort capabilities. The resultant stream of accepted product is resellable at premium prices, with the initial capital investment typically recouped by the plastic processor in less than six months. High resolution CCD cameras are used to inspect the plastic product, and a burst of air is used to remove the unacceptable product.

The ScanMaster XE Bichromatic Infra-Red & Infra-Red is equipped with the latest duplex sensors working in two parts of the IR spectrum viewing. The ScanMaster XE is equipped with the latest development of duplex cameras (IR & IR) viewing from front and rear.

ScanMaster IE - Monochromatic Visible

ScanMaster XE - Bichromatic Infra-red & Infra-red

AlphaScan II
The Satake AlphaScan II is the very latest Color Sorter from Satake. The original AlphaScan range was introduced to the market in 2004 and quickly gained favor in wheat, barley, rye, rice and other cereal/pulse processing industries. The AlphaScan II is the next generation of 'low cost - high capacity' sorting from Satake.

The AlphaScan II is particularly suitable for ergot, foreign grain and stone removal from wheat, black tip removal from durum and the recovery of good grain ejected by mechanical separators. It also has applications in the removal of pink tinted fusarium damaged wheat. Processors of other products such as rice, beans and pulses also benefit from the machine's high capacity at low cost. More >

RMGS Grain Color Sorter, Rice Sorter
This sorter design uses the most advanced available electronics technology, and is equipped with both CCD and NIR sensors. Digital image processing is incorporated to detect and reject even the smallest defects from milled rice at high production rates. The RMGS series, AMS/BM type have exceptional capability for the removal of glass and white stones from grain by using NIR sensors.
More >

UltraScan- Multiple Wavelength Technology
The UltraScan utilizes both visible and infrared spectrums to target all types of foreign material and color defects. The UltraScan uses a newly developed and more powerful version of Satake's proprietary Infrared and Visible cameras. This sorting platform is combined with a unique high intensity halogen illumination system to maximize sorting efficiency.
More >

Full Color Belt Sorter - CS-300BI-C
The Satake Full Color Belt Sorter gives excellent sorting performance on many types of food and non-food materials. Using new technology, the Full Color Camera uses three wave lengths, which are R(red), G(green) and B(blue). It can therefore detect and reject material of similar colors. The use of a belt enables unstable and fragile materials to be carried and sorted with stability and accuracy.
More >

PelletScan – Monochromatic Visible Belt Machine
The Pelletscan is a machine with a higher optical resolution than any of our previous machines capable of removing spot defects down to 0.08mm. This development addresses the needs of various engineered plastic pellets applications in the wire, cable, medical, optical and automotive industries where the smallest spot defects must be removed.
More >

Opticount- Vision Based Seed Counter--The Opticount was developed in response to the seed industry requirement for high speed, accurate seed counting and count/pound calculations. This compact, extremely accurate unit automatically takes up to 3 samples per minute and calculates the count per pount. The images used to derive this data can be archived for future use. More>

Satake Everywhere- allows you to acess Satake optical sorting machines remotely via a secure internet connection. This allows plants with multiple locations to view all sorters from a central location and also allows Satake to remotely troubleshoot and upgrade software on any Satake unit with Satake Everywhere installed. More>

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