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HR Paddy Husker

Satake Corporation's research and development efforts have been continuously focused on the goal of achieving the optimum performance, durability and sanitary design of rubber roll huskers. Design features incorporated in the newly designed husker have resulted in an automatic husker, which establishes a new industry standard for efficiency at high feed rates. The new husker offers the advantages of decreased breakage, greater aspiration efficiency and significantly improved rubber roll life.

Higher Capacity
Satake Corporation engineered into the design of the new husker, a unique feeding technique initially developed for use on Satake's vision systems equipment. The revolutionary integration of technologies by Satake has resulted in a system which presents paddy to the husker rolls in the best possible orientation and at the highest feed rate practicable for the variety of rice being husked.

Reduced Brokens
In-plant testing of the new husker has confirmed a significant reduction in the level of brokens generated during the husking process. This is the result of an improved feeding system and the automatic, continuous control of the husking pressure.
Automatic Operation
A level gauge monitors paddy being fed into the husker inlet and activates an air cylinder which opens the shutter and feeds the paddy into the husking chamber. The pneumatic control system of the HR10PP maintains a constant pressure between the rubber rolls, which helps to ensure a uniform husking ratio.

New Control System
A new control system for the HR10PA was developed by combining the advantages of both the pneumatic and electric control types. The advantage of the pneumatic control type is that the time required for opening and closing the rubber rolls is shorter and therefore the machine can be quickly restarted in the case of power failure. The advantage of the electric control type is that the more constant husking ratio can be attained because of more precise automatic control of the roll gap.

 Rubber Roll Life
Satake's unique feeding system, coupled with its precise control system, greatly enhances the efficiency of the husking process. As a result, the new husker has shown remarkable improvement in rubber roll life, when compared to conventional huskers. Initial testing indicates increase in roll life by 30% or more.

 New Design Features
The roll housing has been moved forward on the frame to facilitate operator access when changing rubber rolls. The new husker has been proved to offer greater improved aspiration efficiency, when compared to competitive huskers.


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HR Paddy Husker

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