Rice: Comprehensive Rice and Rice Flour Milling.

Satake designs and manufactures the most comprehensive range of machines, processes and instrumentation for the rice sector. This equipment encompasses cultivation, harvesting, storage, primary and secondary processing of varieties of rice produced throughout the world. The latest development in rice milling technology is the Satake New Tasty White Process (NTWP), which is a breakthrough in the production of rinse-free rice of enhanced quality in terms of both taste and appearance. The rice processing plant and associated Satake machinery is seen below in the flow diagram.

Satake's expertise both as the world's leader in rice processing equipment and experts in cereal grinding are combined to provide custom designed solutions for rice flour production. Many rice flour producers require a sized product rather than just a ground powder. Typical production of rice cones/semolina involves producing a sized product smaller than 720 microns, but with fines less than 500 or 250 microns removed. The infinitely adjustable roll gaps and flexibility of the Satake SRM are ideally suited to this application, producing far less fines than a pin type mill. When the plant needs to produce flours of sub-250 microns, the grinding pressures that can be achieved by the SRM Rollermill ensure high production rates. Satake's range of free standing plansifters are ideal for rice grinding, allowing the mill to produce many product size variations without the need to strip down and change sifter screens.

Rice Milling Test Machines

The testing husker is designed to provide rapid, accurate results in determining husking yields. It is manufactured to meet the requirements of laboratories, research and educational institutions.

The testing mill is a compact and handy machine that can be used to determine the approximate total white rice recovery in the whitening process. The machine is widely used throughout the world, especially in laboratories, research stations and educational institutions.

The testing thickness grader is designed for use at a laboratory and rice mills for grading grains according to their thickness. It can be used for paddy, brown rice and milled rice by simply changing the hexagonal cylinder.

The testing rice grader provides easy operation and precision grading. Accurate results are provided in the shortest possible time. The machine also features rapid indented cylinder replacement.

MM1D Rice Milling Meter
Satake Corporation have developed a new milling meter that simultaneously measures the degree of milling, comparative whiteness and degree of transparency of milled rice samples. The advanced measuring system uses both reflected and absorbed light, producing far greater accuracy than can be obtained with conventional whiteness meters, which measure only reflected light.

TDR48E Testing Dryer
The machine is designed for drying samples of grain. Up to 48 separate samples of grain can simultaneously dried by means of hot air (a smaller 24 sample machine is also available).

SS-6 Handy Moisture Meter
This newly designed automatic temperature calibration device eliminates troublesome correction work for both ambient and grain temperature. The display shows the average value of the measure. The machine can measure the moisture content of paddy, brown rice, polished rice, barley, wheat and naked barley. The measuring range is 10%-40% (depending on product).

Milling Degree Test Kit
The kit allows the rice miller to determine the milling degree of white rice. The chemicals in the kit highlight the bran remaining on the grain after milling.


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