Satake ScanMaster DE - Infrared Optical Sorter

Satake ScanMaster DE - Ideal for Removing FM

The ScanMaster DE uses advanced sensing detectors to present a unique approach to the old problem of foreign material removal. These upgraded sensors, which combine conventional visible sorting with infrared sorting technology, are patented by Satake USA, Inc.

The ScanMaster DE is equipped with the latest development of duplex cameras viewing the product from the front and rear. Two cameras are used per 100mm of product, providing 360-degree viewing. The user will be able to remove the defects to give a very high quality final product. The ScanMaster DE is ideally suited to all types of tree nuts, peanuts, beans, sunflowers, seeds, rice and cereal grains.

"Typical foreign material contaminants removed include fragments of the shell and hull, stones, glass, sticks -- in addition to discolored, damaged and moldy product."
Color Sorter Optical Sorting Machine - Satake ScanMaster


Features and Options:

  • Simultaneous Light and Dark trips for maximum defect removal capability
  • Intuitive full colour touch screen display
  • Preset background and lamp intensity reference points for ease of changeover from one product to another
  • Product sampling tubes for on-line product sampling
  • Integrated Ground Fault Interrupt system for safety improvement
  • Remote or local operation mode
  • Status indications used throughout system for simple trouble shooting plus diagnostic display, maintenance log and run time statistics provide the tools to increase production effectiveness and reduce downtime.

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Satake is ready to run a demo on your sample product. Fill out our Sort Test Request Form and someone will be in contact with you soon. Or better, stop by a local Satake Testing Facility to see first-hand the Satake Difference.

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If you are interested in a free ScanMaster DE demonstration using your own product, or if you need more information, contact one of our local testing facilities in Houston, Texas or Modesto, California.

Color Sorter Optical Sorting Machine - Satake ScanMaster
Color Sorter Optical Sorting Machine - Satake ScanMaster
Color Sorter Optical Sorting Machine - Satake ScanMaster

Satake ScanMaster II sorting pecan pieces with 2-pass infrared (SMII-DE) and final pass with color (SMII-IE). [Español]