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Satake USA is involved in the development, manufacturing and marketing of sophisticated food processing equipment for shipment to customers around the world. The Vision Systems Operation Group is a technology leader in optical sorting systems for applications where traditional methods of mechanical separation cannot give the required speed and accuracy.

"Satake understands how important food safety is, and today - over 80 years after we first introduced the electronic color sorter - it is still at the core of our company values."

Satake machinery uses precise electronic color and shape inspection to increase the quality of product to meet the continuously increasing demand of today's consumer. Our current optical sorting machines are the pinnacle for quality and reliability. Each of our current machines; the EVOLUTION, FMS2000, RGBR, BELTUZA, Plastic Pellet Sorter and the RNEZX is tailored to specific markets based on capacity, cost, and machine dimensions -- among other unique features. These sorters are proven in many industries in monochromatic, bichromatic, trichromatic, and full color applications in both visible and infrared wavelengths.

Satake offers a range of color sorting machines (see below table). This enables us to use the the individual features of each machine to get the highest efficiency and performance on each product sorted. This approach provides a tailored solution to your process, rather than a "one machine fits all" compromise.

Agricultural Products Plastics
Product or application
wheat, rice, beans, barley, chickpeas, lentils, popcorn, salt, almonds, walnuts, pecans,green and roasted coffee beans, sunflower, seed corn, poppy, soybeans, mustard, carrot, onion, pepper, pumpkin etc. post-industrial, post-consumer, flake, regrind, virgin pellets, HDPE, PET, PVC, metals, minerals, and other industrial products.
Optical sorting technologies ideal for these product application types

Pikasen FMS-2000
RGBR 3401/5401
RNEZX 4500-7500
Pikasen FMS-2000
Pellet Sorter
RNEZX 4500-7500

Satake Optical Sorting Solutions for all Applications
Satake RGBR Full Color, Shape and NIR Sorter Satake EVOLUTION Optical Sorter Satake FMS2000 Optical Sorter Satake RNEZX Optical Sorter Satake BELTUZA Optical Sorter Satake Pellet Sorter Plastic Pellet Sorter

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It is the intent of Satake USA to develop and manufacture the world's finest products for our customers; to serve our customers in the best possible manner; to contribute to the cultural advancement of society; and to see that the Company and its employees prosper mutually and maintain a harmonious relationship.


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