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Popcorn Sorting: Inspection and Quality Solutions

In the United States alone, over 750 million pounds of popcorn is shelled annually. 375,000 tons of these snack seed kernels must be inspected and cleaned, ready for human consumption. Starting at the farm, through the processor, and to the table, popcorn kernels are screened and separated at a number of steps. One of the main screening and sorting components as part of the final inspection is the electronic optical sorter. This technology removes bad product (off-color, misshappen, etc.), foriegn material (mudballs, sticks, rocks, glass, plastic, etc.) and other reject material from the good seeds. Quality is paramount when it comes to food safety; and business reputations are on the line.

"In the United States alone, over 750 million pounds of popcorn is shelled annually."

The Satake range of optical sorters is a well-suited, proven solution for popcorn cleaning. Satake has a machine to meet most defect challenges and production capacities. Each of the sorting technologies offered is designed with a specific application in mind. For example, the compact FMS2000 is ideal for the small farm/farmer or processor sorting hundreds of pounds per hour... or the RNEZS, able to handle full scale production sorting tons of kernels per hour. Satake listens to the customer's requirements and challenges, and then helps match them with the most effective sorting machine(s).

Did You Know? In 1981, General Mills received the first patent for a microwave popcorn bag, with consumption sharply increasing by tens of thousands of pounds the following years.

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Satake PIKASEN FMS2000 Popcorn Sorting Machine


Compact and affordable, the PIKASEN FMS2000 is the ideal sorter for the small popcorn processor or the farmer looking to clean product. It can also be used in a testing or lab environment. Learn more »

Satake EVOLUTION Popcorn Sorting Machine


The EVOLUTION® is the industry standard for high capacity, precision optical popcorn sorting. It's able to detect the slightest color-shade differences similar to the human eye. Learn more »

Satake RNEZS Popcorn Sorting Machine


The Satake RNEZS "EZ platform" is a high capacity (models 2500/4500/6500), cost-effective optical sorting technology with real-time sampling and secondary and tertiary re-sort capability. Learn more »

Satake FMS2000 Sorting White Popcorn Seeds

Satake EVOLUTION Sorting Popcorn Kernels


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