Satake RNEZS Full Color Sorter

Satake RNEZS: Full Color RGB Optical Sorter

The Satake RNEZS is an effecient mid-size sorter that features full color RGB camera technology. It is ideal for sorting products like dry beans, coffee, seeds, wheat, and other grains. The RNEZS features patent-pending Satake software assuring quick set-up and hassle-free operation. It also comes with the assurance of Satake’s premiere after sales customer service and support team.

Satake manufactured optical sorters are built under the quality (ISO 9001) and environmental (ISO 14001) management standards.

The Satake RNEZS mid-size optical sorter is ideal for medium capacity processing lines. The 2500 features full color RGB camera technology and primary and secondary resort options that are easily changed by the machine operator to adapt to different product sort and capacity requirements.

Full Color RGB Sorter Optical Sorting Machine - Satake RNEZS

Above image: The RNEZS 2500 (3 chutes, approximately 12 tons per hour capacity) is powered by patent-pending Satake software assuring quick set-up and hassle-free operation. A simple user interface, similar to a smart phone or tablet with touch and flick operation, offers the operator quick adjustments to a number of settings and sensitivities.


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Satake is ready to run a demo on your sample product. Fill out our Sort Test Request Form and someone will be in contact with you soon. Or better, stop by a local Satake Testing Facility to see first-hand the Satake Difference.

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If you are interested in a free RNEZS demonstration using your own product, or if you need more information, contact one of our local testing facilities in Houston, Texas or Modesto, California.


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