Satake Full Color, Shape and Infrared Optical Sorters

Full Color, Shape, and Infrared Sorting Technology

Satake USA is involved in the development, manufacturing and marketing of sophisticated food processing equipment for shipment to customers around the world. The Vision Systems Operation Group is a technology leader in optical sorting systems for applications where traditional methods of mechanical separation cannot give the required speed and accuracy.

Satake understands how important food safety is, and today - over 80 years after we first introduced the electronic color sorter - it is still at the core of our company values.

Satake sorting technology uses precise electronic color, shape, and infrared inspection to increase the quality of customer's products to meet the continuously increasing demand of today's consumer. The current line up of Satake optical sorters are the pinnacle for quality and reliability. The EVOLUTION, FMS2000, RGBR, RNEZX, BELTUZA, and Plastic Pellet Sorter are each designed and engineered to meet specific market needs based on capacity, cost, and dimensions... among other unique features.

The Satake brand is trusted by growers and processors around the world. Our optical sorting technology is extremely reliable, and has been proven across many industries.

Satake offers a wide range of specifically-designed sorting machines. This enables us to use individual features to get the highest efficiency and performance on each product sorted. This approach provides a tailored solution to your process, rather than a "one machine fits all" compromise.


Satake EVOLUTION - The Industry Standard Sorter

The Satake EVOLUTION is the industry standard for detecting and removing subtle shade and color differences, shape and size inconsistencies, and foreign material utilizing RGB, shape, and multi-spectral infrared technology. ➥Learn more at EVOLUTION
Satake FMS2000 - Compact and Multi-Purpose Sorting

The Satake FMS2000 is a compact, multi-purpose color sorter ideal for small and medium size applications. The FMS2000 features automatic product profile creation allowing accurate sorting of a wide range of product types. ➥Learn more at FMS2000
Satake RGBR - Full Color + Shape + Infrared

The Satake RGBR optical sorter features advanced full color RGB cameras, size and shape software detection, and can also be configured with near infrared (NIR) camera technology. Ideal for grains, seeds, dry beans, and tree nuts. ➥Learn more at RGBR
Satake RNEZX 4500-7500 - High Capacity Optical Sorting

The Satake RNEZX series is a high capacity, cost-effective, full color sorter with 2 and 3-pass resort configurations in either a 6-chute (4500) or 10-chute (7500) model.➥Learn more at RNEZX
Satake RNEZS 2500 - Medium Capacity Optical Sorting

The Satake RNEZS is a 3-chute (2500) full color optical sorter for bulk agricultural products like dry beans, coffee, wheat, corn, soybeans, and other grains. ➥Learn more at RNEZS
Satake BELTUZA - Optical Belt Sorter

The Satake BELTUZA is the current horizontal belt sorting option for when gravity sorting might not be applicable, or when gentle product handling is needed. ➥Learn more at BELTUZA
Satake Pellet Sorter - Plastic Pellet Inspection System

The Satake Pellet Sorter is a high-resolution (0.06mm) two-pass plastic pellet inspection system excels at removing black specks and discolored pellets, increasing the quality of your product. ➥Learn more at Pellet Sorter

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If you are interested in a free sorting demonstration using your own product, or if you need more information, contact one of our local testing facilities in Houston, Texas or Modesto, California.


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